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Valuable information resource

We provide valuable information to educate people of unique and more attractive superannuation options.

Exclusive investment opportunites

Exclusive opportunities to make smarter investments targeting highly desired returns.  Learn how you could transform your retirement outcome.

Free education

All of our information and exclusive opportunities are free to learn about. You will simply wish you learned about them sooner.

Go further

With the right information and support you can truly transform your future into the life you deserve. You will be amazed at how far you can go with better strategies.

Connecting you with the best

We will introduce you to some incredibly knowledgeable, talented  and experienced people so you can achieve a better outcome.

We are deeply passionate

We absolutely believe in what we are doing, we have introduced people to opportunities that has completely transformed their outlook on their retirement.

What we do

IWG are an authorised representative of United Global Capital, we educate and provide access to many of the most attractive investment opportunities and strategies. This includes direct access into the same options normally only available to wealthy investors such as wholesale and professionally managed funds. Learn about more adaptive and sophisticated options for targeting higher returns & mitigating risk to give you the best possible outcome. 

We educate normal Australians on how easy it is to access options with far greater potential than standard retail funds.

Discover where the wealthy invest their super.


Flexible times for hard working people

We understand how pressed for time you are, so we can provide our service after hours and very limited times on weekends.

A Team Of Professionals.

Our professionally trained fund experts will answer all your questions and educate you on aspects required to make an educated decision.

Greater potential

We provide previous and current returns so you can see real results, we use the Governments own super calculators to provide more conservative forecasts. Understand the life changing potential of smarter investment strategies.

Don't settle for average

Knows all your options

An invaluable resource
for a better future

Learn how wealthy investors invest in real commodities with well structured returns.

  • Invaluable information & education
  • Exclusive opportunities
  • Superior potential
  • Exceptional service

Our Partners


Experts in superannuation & investment

UGC are experts in all aspects of superannuation, investment & wealth creation, they have a very impressive team with a huge array of experience. As financial advisers & planners they can implement all the best strategies for you while while also handing all the administration and oversight.

Find out how easy it can be to reach your potential.

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